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Nawiatr N700K fast trailerable cruising catamaran is design for offshore and inland waters sailing. Each of seven meters long hulls is made out of epoxy resin and Herex core material in vacuum bagging technology. Bulkheads, bunks are made in sandwich as well. There are four single berths available on the catamaran, two per hull. Each hull has a hatch forward for ventilation and could be equipped in an opening portlight in the “galley”.
On deck the layout is simple and easy for the crew to sail the boat efficiently. Mainsheet and traveler are both within arms reach of the helmsman so they can be trimmed or released easily.
Catamaran N700K is a fast trailerable cruiser-racer catamaran offering new sailing experiences for anyone who is looking for spending time on water actively. With the speed 20 knots +, catamaran N700K outperforms significantly monohull yachts. This also means you can hang out longer on a spot you really like. On all points of sail the N700K is a pleasure to sail. Tacking is positive with backing of the jib not required.
The hulls as well as other parts can be easily separated which gives the flexibility of transportation and selecting sailing spots. The outboard engine, placed centrally helps in harbor maneuvers and gives independence from weather conditions. First sailing experience on N700K can be found on Youtube_1 and Youtube_2 .

The price for Standard Version starts from 21.980 EUR + 23% VAT and for Sport Version from 23.260 EUR + 23% VAT.
To calculate the price of N700K in different configurations you can use Price_calculator (excel_sheet).

Would you require any clarifications, with regards to the presented design, please visit our FAQ page or do not hesitate to contact us.

Main dimensions of N700K
Main dimensions

Hardware Nawiatr 700K
Hardware specification

PDF brochure of N700K
PDF brochure

Photos of N700K

Technical data:
Length: 7,00 m
Width: 4,70 m
Draft: 0,25/1,25 m
Weight: 550-600 kg
Crew: 4/5
Sails up wind: 32 m2
CE-Category: C

Catamaran N700K

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